Click on the guitar above to link to "attach to guitar" instructions on youtube.  

The Story behind the Peters Hands Free Guitar Strummer Attachment

   A long time friend and guitar playing buddy, Roger had a stroke and lost all use of his right arm.  Roger put away his guitars thinking he'd never play again.  I was heartbroken to see this joy of music in his life taken away.  I began to think of ideas for him to be able to play again.  I came up with the guitar strumming attachment which allows a person to strum the guitar with their foot while chording with their left hand.  I posted the process on social media and saw such a great response and realized that so many others could benefit from this device.  I decided to produce and sell this item myself and plan to continue to look for ways to improve on sound quality as well as user friendliness.

                  Can't Stop the Music!